Box-stitched (baffle box) construction: 

The box-stitched (baffle-box) construction has 24 staggered internal channel walls ca 2.5cm high and ca 10cm long.

The advantage is the comparatively greater volume and the fact that the filling can be cleaned or replaced at any time. Since there are no featherless seams continuous insulation is guaranteed at all times.

Multiple-box construction (4×6 boxes): 

The 24 boxes which are separated from each other by internal walls of varying heights are filled by computerised filling machines. 

The advantage is even distribution of the filling and optimal insulation requiring only a comparatively small amount of filling. The internal walls eliminate shifting of the filling and the creation of cold spots. 

The multiple-box construction is part of a range extending from comfort covers to luxury covers. 

Dauna-Top (4, 5, 6 chamber comforter): Chamber comforters combine the advantages

of the box-stitched construction and the multiple-box construction end-to-end internal horizontal walls and short walls lengthwise ensure that the filling cannot shift and can be cleaned or replaced at any time. As with the multiple-box construction varying wall heights provide varying degrees of warmth.

Continental down quilts: 

Continental down quilts in contrast to box construction covers do not have any internal walls. The sewn-through construction prevents the filling shifting and results in a comparatively low volume. This makes handling and washing easier. This is especially of advantage to hotels and guesthouses.
The following stitching is usual:

8×10 box | 6×8 box | 5×7 box | 4×6 box

Point stitching: 

Stitching with 54 (6×9) points and 99 (9×11) points is usual.
Point stitching is suitable for light summer covers. The stitching (fabric on fabric) creates an even, flat cover.

Duo comforters (all seasons comforters): 

Duo comforters, usually two of different fill power, are buttoned together.
Depending on the season and sleeping habits either

the lighter filled (degree of heat1) or the slightly more filled (degree of heat2 / degree of heat3) or both together!

Baby’s comforter: 

The baby’s comforter is a voluminous children’s comforter that provides cosy warmth. The internal channels eliminate the creation of cold spots. This pictogram shows the stitching for the 100cm/135cm size.
A baby’s comforter size 80cm/80cm is also available.

Children’s multiple box construction comforter: 

The children’s multiple box construction comforter is evenly filled box by box. The 3cm high internal walls eliminate shifting of the filling. It is filled with good down quality and is extremely light but nevertheless a cover which stores warmth well and ensures a healthy sleep for the child.

Children’s pillow: 

Three staggered internal walls make the children’s pillow an optically attractive product. The walls also eliminate shifting of the filling. Most important is that because of the soft filling the children’s pillow moulds itself to the small child’s very delicate head. 


warmth level 1 (summer)

summer quilt for at least 24 degrees room temperature

warmth level 2 (spring)

light quilt convenient for room temperatures between 18 and 23 degrees or sleepers with low heat requirement

warmth level 3 (autumn)

year around quilt convenient for room temperatures bet- ween 18 and 24 degrees and sleepers with normal heat requirement

warmth level 4 (winter)

extremly strong conservation of the body heat, only for low room temperatures and sleepers with high heat require- ment