Frequently asked questions

There are no known allergies to feathers and down at this time. If reference is made to allergies to feather comforters, usually an allergy to house dust mites is meant. It should be mentioned here that it has been scientifically proven that synthetic comforters provide a much more favourable environment for house dust mites than feather comforters. However, personal hygiene is crucial. With regard to possible disease-causing agents, it should be established that only such unprocessed goods may be imported to Germany which are accompanied by an official veterinary certificate giving evidence that they are free of such agents. 

Since feather comforters are 100% natural products and feathers are an excellent fertiliser for flowering plants, it is quite alright to bury products which are of no further use in private gardens. In contrast to synthetic products which have to be treated as hazardous waste, there is no such problem with the disposal of feather-filled products.