New terminology for feather and down qualities


In the course of European standardisation the terminology for the original quality feather and down fillings according to RAL 092 is being changed to the norm DIN EN 12934.

Below are the most important points of DIN EN 12934:

  • DIN EN 12934 is the term for the feather and down filling itself, regardless of what it is used for.
  • The filling material is divided into classes I to VII. The original material according to RAL 092 A2 is comparable with class I.
  • Class I denotes that in this class only new goods from water fowl may be used and that the percentage of other elements must not be more than 5%.
  • Only filling material in this class may be denoted as “new” and class I.
  • Thus class I is the only relevant class in the terminology for fillings for pillows and down comforters.
  • The RAL terms halfdown or threequarters down etc. are redundant and for the fillings in class I there are only the terms ‘down’ and ‘feathers’.
  • he percentage in weight of down and feathers must be given on the label, with the highest percentage first.
  • With percentages of 50% the down is given first.
  • The term “pure” refers exclusively to the type of fowl.
  • When using the term “pure” the percentage of other types of fowl must not be more than 10%. For example pure goose down (goose percentage 90%).